Use Guide Login
  • 1) Students and supervisors can login with Instituted e-mail id, and complete their profile.
  • 2) Students can fill the data as per their Requirement e.g., students can fill the general. sample details on first step/page and save it followed by instrument specific sample details on second step.
  • 3) After submission of the details notification will go to respective supervisors for approval
  • 4) Supervisor needs to validate the request and provide their approval online.
  • 5) Students will get e-mail confirmation for approval and sample requisition form will be successfully submitted to SIC
  • 6) Students can view the progress and after completion of analysis it will be shown as completed in status
  • 7) Students can submit the samples physically only after approval from respective supervisors.
  • 8) student and Supervisor can track the progress of there sample online
  • 9) An email confirmation will be sent to students after completion of the sample analysis.